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OPEN CALL: Full Steam Ahead Mentors - Spring 2020

Volunteers Needed

The Full STEAM Ahead Initiative is designed to benefit students with limited access to high-quality STEM to STEAM opportunities. The goals of the Full STEAM Ahead initiative: to advance regional efforts for access to STEAM-based learning; to develop young scholars capacity to think creatively and innovatively; to support teacher development in integrating STEAM principles into school curricula; support teaching artists and ARTS organizations in their efforts to bring STEAM integration into the community; to continue building a free, shared, online resource for educators on steamhouston.org, broadening awareness and appreciation of STEM careers and the skills needed to be successful in these fields, with the ARTS as a central component of our work.


Now in the second phase of Full STEAM Ahead, we are launching Innovation Week, an entrepreneurial immersion for 5th grade students and teachers where a premium is placed on the coupling of inquiry-based learning and artistically innovative instruction, specifically designed for students to address a real-world challenge and strengthen their case-making abilities through public presentations guided by Mentors in the STEM sectors. The goal is to allow students the opportunity of transformation from a fixed to a growth mindset through true innovation.


During innovation week, Fifth Grade Students will be assigned to work in groups of 3-5 and confronted with a real-world challenge encountered by the Health, Aerospace, Engineering, and Science industries. Local artists and mentors from STEAM industries will be invited to partner with teachers to provide limited assistance during the delivery of instructions to students. Young inventors will then create and present their artistically innovative solutions to STEAM Panelists during the final presentation.


  • Providing industry level insight into possible challenges that students may take on as part of FSA Innovation Week;

  • Host one in-person or web conference session with your Innovation Team;

  • Support students during FSA Innovation Week by answering questions, giving feedback, and encouraging ideas;

  • Attend the culminating event showcase, whereas you may be asked to volunteer to serve as a panel judge during the FSA Innovation Week celebration;

  • Curating, selecting, and reviewing online resources for the Full STEAM Ahead Steamhouston.org website;

  • Providing feedback about your experience with Full STEAM Ahead to Young Audiences of Houston staff, that will help improve future programming and partnerships with community partners, STEM professionals, and arts education partners.


  • Campus educators attend one professional-learning training that fosters innovation and
    creation using arts-based strategies;

  • Community partners and schools are introduced to the INNOVATION WEEK framework and guidelines;

  • Mentors are matched, and an initial planning session occurs between campus leaders,
    classroom educators, and FSA teaching artists to review the approach and to create a
    challenge for students (STEAM Innovation Team);

  • The STEAM Teams discuss materials, ideas, and presentation of concept. A YAH
    INNOVATION WEEK Kit will be created and disseminated before programming begins;

  • Classroom work begins with students being asked to brainstorm collectively and work
    on building positive team dynamics (BRAIN READY);

  • Students collectively brainstorm, design, and form possible solutions to a real-world
    challenge with guidance from campus Innovation Team (STEAM WORK);

  • Students are then asked to test their hypothesis and infer intended outcomes through
    visualization techniques (INNOVATION DAY);

  • Students utilize arts-based strategies to craft their pitch (PITCH PREP) and present their
    solution or concept on the final day as part of a larger culminating event (YOUTH IN

  • STEAM Mentors are encouraged to collaborate with their campus, providing
    opportunities for extended learning, partnership and volunteerism.